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Make your taste buds happy

To bu or
not to bu?

OUR Crémants

Elegance and delicate effervescence

our wines

Power and harmony

our white wines

Natural Intensity and freshness

our red wines

Light and fruity richness

Make your taste buds happy

To bu or
not to bu?

In Crémants

Elegance and delicate effervescence

Our white wines

Natural Intensity and freshness

our wines

Power and harmony

Our red wines

Light and fruity richness


"Good wine gladdens the heart of man"

In GOESEL, vines, they have tattooed the heart!

The story began in the 30s, with the maternal grandfather. So, if the younger vines 1 year, the oldest aged 55. This is a story of life, a family business, a legacy strong, important, to keep. But beware ! Their philosophy is reluctant to make the cut and paste of what was done before. To improve a little each year their wines, Vincent and Valerie have developed their own identity.

In GOESEL, we winemakers working to renew and to always improve. Their motto? Offer wines in their image: genuine and generous, rich and subtle. And to produce such nice harmonies, their belief is that the way to achieve this great result is at least as important as the result itself. Therefore, their working methods aim to maintain the delicate balance of nature they grow and treat their grapes as a precious good to make wines in their image!

A multitude of tastes

7 Alsatian varietals to discover the aromas of Alsace wines: light, fruity, fresh, rich, exuberant or spicy ... treat your palate to discover these allies of gastronomy!

Beautiful discoveries

Discover our land to other varieties tasting the harmonious blends created by Vincent several grapes of Alsace: pretty fancies such as Ma Petite Folie or vintages Sea and Earth will delight your taste buds.

Love simply

Come rain, wind or snow, the winemaker dedicated non-stop to his work: the cultivation of vines to the bottling and beyond, marketing s ... For ' invest at this point, must necessarily be an inveterate lover of his profession!

side home

what good wine take you in?

The Field is located in Dorlisheim, nice little wine town of 2500 inhabitants and the birthplace of the famous Bugatti, 25 km to the west of Strasbourg, accessible by major roads. The vineyard of Dorlisheim oriented south and south-east, with an area of 190 ha, which is distributed on 4 hills at an altitude ranging from 200 to 300 metres. The vines are planted on a soil of type clay-limestone, and the vines implanted depending on the orientation and the nature of the sub-soil of the plots. All the characteristics are met for the production of quality wines in the respect of the typicity of the grape varieties and the terroir, while preserving the fruity and unique wines of Alsace.

A territory full of riches

Our estate has 11 hectares of vineyards spread mainly in Dorlisheim, but also on the hill of Grauersberg in Bischoffsheim

a Generous HOME

Valerie and Vincent welcome you every day with pleasure in their nice cellar, designed to taste their wines in the best conditions.

Activities to enhance

Electric bike rides with gourmet appetizers to discover subtle food and wine pairings, taste wine in all circumstances ...

An online store to never miss wine

For the unfortunate who do not have the opportunity to taste or fill in the cellar, they will find all their products in their online store!


Behind the wines

"Being a winemaker, this is definitely a history of sensitivity: instinct, passion, feeling and improvisation ... more, be winemaker, is a state of mind! And these two, thewine spiritThey do not lack. Better, they put it in their wines to offer every year new taste experiences of quality. "

Vincent and Valerie embody the third generation of winemakers to exploit the field.

He, continued specific studies in Viticulture BTA. This bit of the vine is also a taster out: it must be said that he fell into it when he was little. This is where he draws his strength. It is a passionate foodie: he makes wine he loves to find his table.

She mistress Hand manages good economic and commercial operation of the domain. Just go to the vault to notice.

Together, they welcome you with ease to transmit their passion with good humor and conviviality!

Who knows taste never drinks only wine
but tastes secrets!

Awards at the Lyon International Competition since 2015

Années d'expérience viticole & œnologique

Wines & sparkling wines to taste each year

  • Awards at the Concours Général Agricole of Lyon since 2010
  • Years of experience viticulture and enology
  • Wines & sparkling wines to taste each year

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